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Arthur Applebee


    A passion for trains, a talent for painting...

Arthur Appleby the third comes from a family with a deep passion for trains, and he's no exception. His love for painting steam locomotives was discovered at a young age when he started helping his father paint logos on the sides of trains. As he grew older, Arthur realized that his talent far exceeded what he was doing, and he started to focus on painting beautiful and historical steam locomotives.

When he's not in his studio, you can find Arthur in his basement with his enormous G scale model train set. The set boasts a huge lake, a town, a shopping center, a coal mine railway, and a huge train station complete with people and other vehicles. Arthur loves to create intricate details that bring his model train set to life.

Arthur is passionate about sharing his love for trains through his art, and he hopes that his paintings will inspire others to appreciate the beauty and history of steam locomotives. So, next time you see a steam train, take a closer look – it might just be one of Arthur's favorite models!

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