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James McTavish

 A proud Scotsman painting the rich tapestry of his heritage...

James work draws inspiration from his homeland's rich history and natural beauty. Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, James has always been passionate about the myths and legends of his homeland. He even claims to have seen the fabled Loch Ness Monster, although he admits he may have had a "wee dram" in him at the time.


As a descendant of James McTavish the First, who fought in the historic Battle of Culloden, James feels a deep connection to his Scottish heritage. His paintings often incorporate elements of Scotland's past, from ancient castles and rugged landscapes, to the rich tartans and kilts worn by his ancestors.


James is passionate about his work and has gained a reputation as one of Scotland's most talented artists. He is a lover of traditional Scottish cuisine and is proud to be the only person in his family who still enjoys a good haggis. His paintings are a celebration of all that is great about Scotland, from its stunning natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage.

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