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Cho Kim


    A modern take on classic Asian culture...

Kim is a talented artist with a passion for exploring her roots and bringing ancient Chinese art to life. Adopted by a loving family in the United States as a baby, Kim has always been interested in learning more about her cultural heritage. Her passion for art and history has fueled her desire to create, and she is constantly inspired by the rich artistic traditions of ancient China.

With a modern twist on traditional Chinese art, Kim's work is a beautiful fusion of past and present. She is proud to be an American and is dedicated to seeing her country do amazing things once again. Her art is a reflection of her passion for both her heritage and her adopted homeland, and she hopes to inspire others to explore and celebrate their own cultural roots.

After years of encouragement from friends and family, Kim has finally made her artwork available to the public. Her work is a testament to the power of creativity, passion, and hard work. With each piece she creates, Kim invites others to join her in exploring the rich cultural heritage of ancient China, while celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of modern America. Cho Kim add.jpg
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