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Damon Killian

From Myth to Masterpiece, a Brushstroke of Enchantment...

Damon grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. From a young age, Damon showed a passion for art, and could often be found creating from any media he could get his hands on. His journey as an artist began when he saw the movie "Legend," starring Tim Curry, which inspired him to explore the world of dark fantasy.


Aside from being an accomplished artist, Damon is also an ordained minister, and he believes that art can be a powerful tool in healing those who suffer from PTSD. He often speaks about the therapeutic benefits of creating art, and encourages others to pick up a paintbrush and give it a try.


Damon's paintings are a testament to his love of dark fantasy, with their intricate details and moody, atmospheric style. His works often feature fantastical creatures, haunting landscapes, and otherworldly beings. Through his art, Damon transports viewers to other realms, inviting them to explore the darker side of the human imagination.


Despite his success as an artist, Damon remains humble and grateful for the opportunity to create. He sees art as a form of magic; a way to tap into something deeper and more profound than the everyday world we inhabit. His passion for his craft is evident in every stroke of his paintbrush, and his dedication to art is an inspiration to artists and fans alike.

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