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George Deuwowie

                   Brush strokes and beats - a love letter to the senses...

George has been producing vibrant, nature-inspired artwork since then. George has always been a free spirit, and his love for creative expression has taken him on many adventures over the years. It was at Woodstock where George met his wife, Suntair Moonchild, and they bonded over their shared passion for art and the power of peace.


George's artwork is a true reflection of his personality, with bright colors and bold lines, that capture the beauty of nature in all its glory. His love for the rainbow is evident in every piece, with vibrant hues that jump off the canvas and bring a smile to the observer's face.


When he's not painting, George can be found tending to his cannabis farm in Oregon, riding one of his three antique Harley Davidson motorcycles, or spending time with his beloved English bulldog, Buttkiss, or painting along his wife, Suntair.  A true hippie at heart, George has never lost his passion for creative expression and remains deeply connected to the natural world around him. His art is a celebration of life, love, and the beauty of the world we all share.

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