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Adalaide Deveraux

Living and painting the culture of the Bayou...

Adalaide draws inspiration from its rich history and vibrant culinary culture. Born and raised in the French Quarter, Adelaide's childhood was shaped by the colorful characters and distinctive architecture of this iconic neighborhood. Now, as an older black woman, she likes to share her lifetime of experiences, through her art. 


Adelaide has been happily married to her husband Barry for 47 years and is the proud mother of five adult children. Throughout her life, Adelaide has found solace and creativity in her art, which is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Her paintings reflect her deep love for the food and history of her city, with vibrant colors and intricate details that bring her subjects to life.


Whether she's capturing the intricate spices of a gumbo or the haunting beauty of a historical landmark, Adelaide's work always manages to evoke a powerful, emotional response. Despite her success as a painter, Adelaide remains down-to-earth and deeply connected to her roots. She can often be found chatting with neighbors on her front porch, or playing with her beloved cat, Fats. Through it all, she remains committed to her craft, always striving to capture the beauty and complexity of the world around her.

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