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Nicholas Saintcloud

Transforming Christmas dreams into timeless art...

Nicholas was Born and raised in the countryside of Kansas, Nicholas developed a passion for art at an early age, thanks to his mother Amelia, who encouraged him to express himself creatively. Nicholas also drew inspiration from his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who all had portrayed Santa Claus in their local communities. Nicholas has long been fascinated by the stories and legends of the jolly old man in red, and he decided to make him his muse.


Nicholas studied art at the University of Kansas, where he attended with his wife and high school sweetheart, Jessica. They married after graduation and moved to a cozy farmhouse near Nicholas' hometown. There, Nicholas set up his art studio, where he spends most of his days painting Santa Claus in various scenes and settings. He uses bright colors and playful strokes to create lively and cheerful images that evoke the joy and wonder of Christmas. He also adds personal touches and details to his paintings, such as his family's pets and his childhood memories.


Nicholas has exhibited his paintings in several galleries and shows across the country, and he has received positive reviews and recognition for his unique and charming style. Nicholas hopes that his paintings will inspire others to celebrate the magic and beauty of Christmas all year round.

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